Primary Services

Please note: I will not be taking on any new clients, at this time, during 2022. Existing clients will continue treatments as discussed.

All first-time clients are required to have a 90-minute consultation where we will establish your case history, health, motivations/intentions/goals.

Primary Consultation

R600.00 (1.5 hrs)

Your first session includes a 30-minute consultation followed by a 1-hour session. This is the home visit rate, within the R15km radius of Kalk Bay.

Single Session

R550.00 (1 hr)

After your initial consultation, each following session lasts one hour. Due to the nature of the work, sessions can run over time, and we are flexible to allow for a resolution to each treatment.

6 Sessions

10% off

Book 6 home sessions. Each session is one hour and all 6 should be taken over a maximum of 6 weeks. First-time patients will need to book a primary consultation separately (1.5hr primary consultation can be included in the 6).

“Coci’s gentle, soothing and holistic approach to healing immediately gives me a sense of being held in a safe and comforting manner. In his caring and capable hands, I feel immeasurably peaceful, immensely calm and in a truly responsive state for healing on all levels. Post-session, I find myself often in a state of rejuvenation; refreshed as well as deeply relaxed.”

Natasha Futeran